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The fund was established by Barbara Knowles to encourage projects that support rural incomes and natural heritage.  The fund works with Pogany-havas Micro-region Association, scientists, farmers and local communities, and is running two major projects to improve rural incomes, support traditional agriculture, understand the ecology and biology of important wetland habitats, and identify and protect key species and habitats in need of conservation.  One project focuses on the ecology and conservation of ponds and wetlands.  The other aims to increase milk quality and value.  What could two such disparate topics have in common? The natural and cultural treasures of this special part of the world are closely connected.  By helping local people to realise their value (in both senses of the word) we aim to improve the rural economy in its modern context, while supporting activities that keep it special.  For further information visit:


Sue Prince of Beechenhill Artworks Ltd designed the Pivnita Bunicii website.  She is an Ecotourism business consultant, an artist, award winning website designer and illustrator.  Beechenhill Farm, an organic dairy farm, in the English Peak District, demonstrates many aspects of practical ecotourism; bed and breakfast, self-catering cottages, local foods, weddings, courses and experiences.  Visit


Helping provide long term sustainability for community tourism in Transylvania are a new breed of small tour operators committed to supporting the future of traditional food, culture and the stunning nature.  Discover Carpathia has been set up by Gavin Bell to provide high quality small group tours that open local doors to give you an intimate insight into the region.  They can provide fully inclusive trips or shorter tours starting in Brasov. Building on the development work in the area, including the tourism activities available at the Prince of Wales guesthouse in Viscri, Discover Carpathia works closely with local people and operates a visitor payback programme where part of your holiday cost goes to support community projects.  They are a close partner to the Transylvania Food Company and include visits to the Taste Transylvania experience as part of most tours.  Visit


Hotel Central Park was originally built in 1897 by Josef B Teusch, a Sighişoara born businessman and one of the first spice merchants in Transylvania. It served as a home and business for more than 50 years until the Communists came to power and the house was nationalised. Over the years, due to its impressive appearance, it hosted various government offices: the City Finances, the Police and others.  After 1990, many of the newly formed political parties held offices in the building. Over a period of three years the building was transformed into a boutique hotel and each of the 33 rooms has its own design, colour, shape and furniture style. The hotel opened in May 2013, and has recently been listed by Trip Adviser in third place of their top 25 hotels in Romania. For further information visit


Rob Streeter is a food and portrait photographer based in central London.  He is driven by his love of travel and adventure which takes him all over in search of interesting stories and images.  A background in film provided a natural insight into the new world of HDSLR video and he was amongst the first people to shoot a broadcast TV ad (for Tesco) with these cameras.  His first solo exhibition "Cuts" was shown this year in London, and his food and portrait work features regularly in the Sunday Telegraph magazine as well as in books for Quadrille and commissions for clients like Tesco, Sainsbury and Waitrose.  He is based in a large daylight studio in Shoreditch.  He visited Transylvania in September 2010 and again in 2011 when he made the honey video clip.  For further information on his Transylvanian Tables Project, visit


Most visitors to Romania only receive a cursory introduction to Romanian food but there is a lot more to the country's cuisine than skinless sausages (mici) and schnitzel.  "Romanian Food for Foreigners" is a British expatriate's journey deeper into the food of the country, its culinary influences, regional variations, festive specialities, and close connection with the seasons and the traditional lifestyles of its rural inhabitants.  Visit and discover more about the recipes and culinary traditions of Romania.


The history of the Slow Food movement in Saxony goes back to 1996.  Activist Georg W.  Schenk is the leader of the Dresden Convivium.  He has met like-minded people and created a network of the Slow Food movement in Saxony.  At the moment there are four Saxon Convivia: Dresden, Halle-Leipzig, Southwest Saxony and Lusatia.  In June 2009, a group from Saxony flew to "Sibiu" (Hermannstadt).  The experience of that journey had many aspects and impressed us deeply.  The cordiality of our hosts was strong and heart-felt.  All members of our delegation of Slow Food Saxony were impressed by the hard work of the members of Slow Food Romania.  Because of a local young tour guide we got a good and extensive idea of history, culture and life of the people in that part of the world.  For further information visit

"You are doing a real good job there in Romania since 2005 and you have a very informative website! We have been very impressed, during our visit at your place.  I have been talking with many of your Romanian people there and they confirmed me my opinion about your organisation and your job!"  Georg W.  Schenk, Convivienleiter Dresden & Osteuropa-Beauftragter


Transylvania Lactate’ combines a set of unique dairy product made from buffalo milk and the forests, hills and people of Transylvania – a special breed in a special land as it establishes itself on the map of 21st Century European rural life.

Transylvania Lactate uses a fully integrated concept starting with environmentally sustainable farming: livestock owning and keeping, making our own animal food locally, our own dairy production and processing, down to product distribution. Through this integrated concept we carefully capitalize on the nutritional benefits and great taste of buffalo dairy products, with a commitment to provide "excellence in taste”.