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Pivnita Bunicii

Product Details - Ivanhoe

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Product Type(s): Alcoholic Drinks / British Corner /

ABV 5.2%

The whole concept of Ivanhoe, including the label design, came from Sweden. Just as Brits have to endure a showing of "the great escape" on TV every Boxing Day so the Swedes have to endure a showing of "Ivanhoe" and it is ingrained into the Swedish notions of what is English. We were asked many years ago by a Swedish importer to produce an IVANHOE beer. It had to be a strong ale and completely typically English in every way. The defining character of the classic beers of this style is balance. The really good ones are malty but not sweet, have some toffee like crystal malt character but not much, bitter but not excessively so, and hoppy but in a restrained and genteel way. They are just easy to drink beers that slip down. The other thing that this balanced approach does is allow the yeast strain to shine through. Often in big modern beers the yeast character is drowned out but not so with IVANHOE where the bready, toast like character of a classic ale yeast is on display. The yeast we use is the old Brakspear strain from Henley on Thames. It never goes near a laboratory and is propagated from one brew to the next just as it did for it's entire time in Henley. An industrial brewer starts with new yeast from the laboratory every 8 or even 5 brews. Which is likely to produce more taste? Ivanhoe is particularly suited to English cheese, especially Cheddar, a bit of bread and some Pivnita Bunicii chutney. Perfect for ploughman’s lunches.

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