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Pivnita Bunicii

Product Details - Hamster of Doom

See below for information about this product:

Product Type(s): Alcoholic Drinks / British Corner /

ABV 5.8%

"The Hamster" was created in 2015 to enter in an ALKO tender in Finland. Alko wanted "a modern brown ale". In the official style guides there is no such thing as a modern brown ale so we invented one! .....AND IT WON!! To do this we took a traditional brown ale and thought...modern should be a bit lighter in colour..... modern should be quite a bit stronger in alcohol.....modern should be a little more bitter But because it's a brown ale it has to still have the brown ale characteristics...... a sweet biscuit malt character, think McVities digestives ....some fruity yeast esters like those in Bad King John, hop aroma at all, not supposed to be there, ....and most importantly a soft character from water that has a little chloride and salt in it like London or Dublin water. . So that is the beer we pitched to ALKO. I felt that actually it was a little bit of a new style and that we should not be at all traditional with the name. We sat around drinking ...which is the best way to do names?....and ended up with names centring around the malty and nutty character of brown ale....and that drifted into creatures that eat nuts. "Hamster of Doom" is actually the name of a song composed by a little known Oxfordshire musician called Mark Barnes.

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500ml 7.06 12
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